Saturday, August 25, 2012

Helmet of Salvation - Armor of God Craft

Helmet of Salvation

The kids loved these - and mine are still wearing theirs.

1.  1 milk/water jug per child - gallon size
2.  Strong pair of scissors
3.  yarn, buttons, markers to decorate
4.  glue gun (and an adult to use it)

1.  use a marker to trace out a fairly even helmet shape for cutting

Other's I saw online,
cut out the bottom which left he pouring spout for a plume.

Sunshine modeling the "finished look"

She thought the handles made a great shield as well.

At this point,
the plan was to spray paint the outside of the helmets.

But we never got around to it.

After several days of tweaking and trying on helmets,
we were ready for Sunday.

We hole punched around the edges
and gave the kids string.

We just left their imaginations to decorated.

On one side of the room,
Story ran the glue gun
and glued buttons onto the helmets for the kids.

Some of the little kids did need help with the strings.

Scholar's favorite helmet
is still his Easter basket.

And today (August 25)
this book was offered for free for the Kindle

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